World Honey Bee Day: A vacation to buzz about

Aug. 20. Tomorrow is a celebration of honey bees.

World Honey Bee Day on the third Saturday in August and acknowledges each the honey bee and the beekeepers who have a tendency the hives. 

It additionally encourages everybody to get pleasure from and purchase domestically grown honey.

One other vital a part of the day consists of studying about honey bees and offering them with a supportive atmosphere. 

This from the National Day Calendar: After we plant wildflowers, orchards, and different flowering vegetation, we help pollinators equivalent to honey bees. They rely on the nectar of a wide range of vegetation for his or her survival.

We rely on honeybees for our survival, too. With out their pollinating skills, many nutritious vegetation wouldn’t reproduce.

Their honey is an added bonus. We get pleasure from it in our baking, teas, and confections.

Honey bees do sting, however provided that they understand a menace – injury to their hive or being swatted at. Since they search candy nectar, sugary drinks and sweets will entice honey bees when flowers are usually not blooming but.  So, maintain your drinks coated. If a honey bee comes shut, both maintain nonetheless or transfer slowly away. The honey bee will fly alongside to the subsequent candy factor so long as it doesn’t really feel threatened.

Learn how to observe 

+ Accumulate and unfold native wildflower seeds to advertise honey bee pollination.

Flavors of honey differ relying on the number of flowers and nectar obtainable to the bees.

Clover, alfalfa, lavender, orange, and chestnut are only a few to select from.

+ Exchange your traditional sweetener with honey for the day. Style the distinction.

+ Give the present of honey to a good friend, neighbor, co-worker or member of the family.

Info about bees

From Petmedia:

+ There are 3 sorts of bees in a colony: the queen, the employees, and the drones.

+ Bees have an distinctive sense of odor.

+ Researchers found a bee fossil that’s 100 million years outdated.

+ Bees have 5 eyes.

+ Bees use the solar to assist them navigate.

+ Drone bees can’t damage you as a result of they don’t have a stinger.

Protected by regulation

Along with federal tips, beekeeping and honey are coated by North Carolina state laws. 

The North Carolina Honey Bee and Honey Act of 1977 authorizes the North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture and the N.C. Board of Agriculture to advertise, enhance, and improve the bee and honey trade in North Carolina, notably relative to small beekeepers. 

It additionally permits for the safety of the bee and honey trade from bee ailments and issues, and it present regulatory companies for the pollination of vegetation, honey bee poisonings, thefts, bee administration and advertising.

 This 1977 regulation additionally prohibits cities and counties from imposing any ordinance or decision that prohibits folks from proudly owning or working 5 or fewer bee hives.

The Honey Bee Act of 1922 was the primary federal regulation pertaining to beekeeping in the US. It has been amended a number of instances. Its present kind covers a variety of points, together with importing honey bees, punishment for illegal importation, propagating bees, and eradicating and controlling undesirable species and subspecies.


Rejoice with a Stinger!

This comes from


2 ounces cognac
1 ounce white creme de menthe


Add the cognac and white crème de menthe right into a mixing glass with ice and stir till well-chilled.

Pressure right into a rocks glass over crushed ice.