Why You Should Look Into Fintech As An App Developer

Cavina T Morris

App development is a growing skill demand in the public and private sectors. If you are a skilled developer, then your talents will be in demand in the coming decade and possibly much longer. The current economic conditions also contributed to increased app development for companies to keep working throughout the harsh conditions or reach their market better.

But fintech may be one of the most appealing and lucrative niches for app developers to explore. Finance technology companies require applications for a host of reasons. Let’s uncover some key details.

Market analysis for traders

Traders are seeking easily accessible information to inform their trading and investment strategies. They may already use this type of platforms to trade on directly, but these platforms don’t typically provide opportunities for market analysis. Therefore, there is a growing demand for mobile applications that enable market analysis to inform decisions on those trading apps.

For example, the latest market trends provided by CityIndex are consulted by scores of traders each month who want reliable information fast. App developers could package similar information accessed on these sites and put it into an accessible format so traders can consult data seamlessly on the move, just like how they can now trade on the move too.

Investment platforms

On the opposite side of the fence, share brokerage companies also require app development to make sure their platform is effortlessly available on mobile devices. These platforms have a lot going on in real-time as markets change and therefore demand the best developers and ongoing app support. It’s a great niche if you want a continued development job with the same company rather than working for several clients.


Cryptocurrency is not as mysterious and scary to large parts of society. Statista data suggests that there are over 70 million Bitcoin wallet users in 2021. More people are choosing to buy crypto and spend it on their holiday bookings, fried chicken and daily coffee. And cryptocurrency – more than a regular bank – needs to have an app for users to store, access and receive their Bitcoin, Ethereum or altcoins.

With the growing trend of crypto acceptance and usage, developers should expect to be making more crypto-based applications in the near future. If you’re not up to date on crypto, it’s an excellent time to get ahead and learn more.

How much can you charge for a fintech app?

Basic fintech app development can cost between £15,000 and £30,000. To make a unique or innovative fintech application, the client should expect to pay above and beyond £30,000. These are the types of figures you could charge clients as a freelance fintech app developer.

Why do you want to work in fintech?

Working in fintech as a developer can be exciting. These companies are experiencing rapid growth rates due to the fast-paced technological environments they are based. This is good news for those wanting a developer job in fintech but also great for potential job satisfaction. You’ll get to work at the forefront of the financial industry and could specialize as an app developer in this area.

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