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In partnership with TechCentral, Red Hat presents a webinar examining how DevOps can overcome common pitfalls in the development of native cloud apps – watch it in full below.

Joined by Red Hat cloud specialist Danie Thom and the company’s senior manager: solution architects lead, Johan Scheepers, the panel discusses the many avenues organisations take to delivering apps, and explores the paths most likely to lead to success.

The team unpacks the fundamentals that need to be clearly contextualised before development begins:

  • Improving revenue;
  • Reducing cost;
  • Mitigating risk; and, most recently
  • Improving the customer experience.

“While organisations often start the development process with a clear view of the fundamentals, during development, focus is lost – resulting in epic failures,” says Thom. In these instances, he says, businesses start with the best intentions, only to revert to traditional IT, but have spent a lot of time and money on new tools.

They also examine the common risk of importing existing models into mismatched businesses. Here, companies identify enormously successful apps and attempt to import them into their organisations. However, the context, either of maturity life cycle, or industry relevance, means a clean import is impossible, and failure is inevitable.

Says Scheepers: “Platforms should be a springboard that take your business to the next level, and to make this possible the fundamentals need to be strictly adhered to.”

The pair also discuss common application development myths, including that:

  • Containers are enough;
  • Kubernetes is the answer; and
  • Application platforms are the solution.

Thom details the critical success process of tools, culture, people and process before delivery is possible.

The panel discusses how to deliver applications faster and make developers more productive; integrated platforms, including container hosts, Kubernetes, and application life-cycle management using your choice of infrastructure. They talk about providing operators with an agile DevOps workflow and creating security-focused, validated container content and services from a wide partner ecosystem.

The discussion is based on years of working experience, statistics and insights, and is not to be missed for developers and decision makers embarking on, or in the midst of an application development journey.

Contact Red Hat if you would like more information, or a consultation for your business.

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