Twitch Expands Official Marketing Partner Program: Just The Facts

Twitch recently announced the expansion of its official marketing partner program. The expanded brand partner opportunities are now available on /twitchgaming, Twitch’s creator community, and are in addition to the branding and sponsorship offers currently available for Twitch Rivals, the platform’s competitive property.

“As gaming continues to push to the forefront of mainstream entertainment, and brands pick up on the unique value of reaching gamers, we’re expanding the array of sponsorship opportunities available to help brands engage with our community,” said Lou Garate, Head of Global Sponsorship Sales at Twitch.

Why Is Twitch Expanding Its Official Marketing Partner Program?

As of September 2020, there were approximately “41.5 million Twitch users in the United States and this figure is estimated to rise to 51.6 million by 2024,” according to Statista. Increasingly users are turning to Twitch for more than just esports and competitive gaming, creating an opportunity for advertisers to expand their relationships with Twitch audiences. 

Ilyse Liffreing for AdAge, reports that Twitch usership exploded during the pandemic. “Twitch has nearly doubled its daily visitors and minutes watched since the pandemic began. The platform now sees an average of 30 million daily visitors — up from 17.5 million in 2020. Visitors watched over 1 trillion minutes in 2020, up from 600 billion minutes in 2019.” The majority of Twitch users are younger Millennials and Gen Zers, and the increased attention toward Twitch is turning some of the platform’s most popular gamers into stars both online and offline, and generating buzz from advertisers eager to reach audiences who rarely consume traditional advertising. 

What Is The /twitchgaming Page On Twitch?

Twitch introduced the /twitchgaming page in May 2020, and the page has become a particular area of excitement for users of the Amazon-owned platform. Described by Garate as “built by gamers for gamers,” /twitchgaming is a creator community within which Twitch users can discuss every aspect of gaming, including drops and upcoming releases, while also enjoying live streams and “marquee industry events by creators.”

What Benefits Will The Newly Expanded Official Marketing Partner Program From Twitch Offer?

The rise in popularity of Twitch is provoking excitement among brands, with the average campaign size for Twitch sponsorships increasing by 82% YOY in the first quarter of 2021. Liffreing explained the benefits of the newly expanded Twitch official marketing partner program: “Brands will be able to receive category exclusivity, branded content integrations, branded segments and product placement in /twitchgaming shows, such as The Weekly, Twitch’s Gaming Purple Carpet and industry event simulcasts. New marketing partners will also have rights to /twitchgaming IP to use their sponsorships in marketing campaigns off the platform. Twitch did not reveal the pricing for the new sponsorship opportunities.” So far Ally Bank and Chipotle have signed on for sponsorships with Twitch. It’s likely many brands will follow in their footsteps, hoping to gain traction with an audience that can be difficult to reach through traditional advertising channels.

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