Pete Grimes on Writing a Book Before Getting a Promotion

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There’s an unspoken rule in the corporate world, where thought leaders stand amongst CEOS and upcoming talent to compete for the golden promotion – you’ve got to work hard and sacrifice everything to get the corner office.

But what if there was an easier way for you to get ahead of the game, without having to give up your soul to reach that amazing job you’ve been dreaming of?

Pete Grimes, Miami based executive, and author gave us an insight to a new way of climbing the ladder, opening the door to new opportunities rather than staying on the treadmill taking the next promotion in sight.

“One of the best ways to get what you want and become a thought leader is to write your own book. A book positions you as an expert and naturally, things fall into place. New opportunities become available that were not there before. Your book is your single greatest asset and secret to increasing your income, influence, and impact.

Over the years I’ve spoken with many executives who were frustrated in their jobs trying to get ahead, working longer hours, giving up more free time to get that corner office and be recognised for their talents, when in fact there is a much easier way. Writing a book to share your knowledge and expertise is the best way to attract opportunities and promotions far beyond what you would be exposed to by taking the traditional route”.

Pete goes on to tell us:

“When most people think about writing a book, they’re automatically in this mindset: It’s hard, takes years, you need a publisher, or that they don’t have a story worth sharing. In fact, publishing has changed. It’s become much easier now than ever before. There are tools available to self-publish your own book and automate marketing to generate a variety of opportunities for you 24×7. These executives do have a story to tell and are writing what I call their ‘Legacy Books’.

“They’ve worked hard throughout their career, but now they’re ready for change, to try a new direction. They want to work independently, become a coach, or tour as a public speaker. When they publish their book – these opportunities open and it’s exciting, getting that buzz back in their career”.

Pete Grimes Top 5 Tips to Write Your Book Before That Next Promotion

1: Think about what you want to get out of the book – focus on the results
2: Get your ideas together and write your outline in bullet points
3: Hire a book coach to help you build out your book
4: Automate a system to generate a variety of opportunities
5: Have fun writing your book and tell everyone about it

The sooner you start, the faster you can create opportunities including that promotion you deserve.

Pete Grimes recently launched his Legacy Books for Thought Leaders service to help Executives write and publish their book. For more information his details are listed below, or connect with Pete on LinkedIn:

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