Overview of the Main Challenges in Mobile App Development

Cavina T Morris

The cutting-edge technologies promote the development of technology-oriented start-ups. So far, 3.8 billion people have smartphones. This means that 48.33% of the world’s population have mobile devices. That’s why many development companies are investing more and more money into mobile app development to get more users and increase their income. Overall, we can see that iOS and Android app development services are in demand in recent years. However, mobile app development is not as easy as it seems to be at the first glance. And in this insightful post, we’ll take a closer look at the main challenges programmers face while building mobile apps.

Defining the Target Market

When the competition in the market is aggressive, it is really hard to catch the attention of your targeted audience. Therefore, the programmers need to understand which idea will appeal to the users for a longer time. Before they move on to programming, they need to do research and understand how to keep the targeted audience engaged.

Validating the User Needs

One of the greatest challenges in figuring out what to develop is accessing user needs. The mobile app industry is a competitive market and it is quite challenging to get the attention of users. Therefore, their first and foremost task is to evaluate user needs. To tackle that challenge, they need to answer the following questions:

  • What is the main goal of this app?
  • What basic features should it have?
  • Is this idea competitive?
  • Is this app easy to use?
  • Does this app meet the users’ requirements?

Choosing the Right Development Technology

A deciding factor for programmers is choosing a suitable development strategy. The modern software development market is overloaded with different innovative technologies. However, it is quite challenging to evaluate the main merits and demerits offered by each technology. Sometimes, choosing the most innovative technology may result in bad app performance and more expenditure. That’s why it is a challenging task to build a flexible app that will meet the requirements of a client.


One of the most complicated concerns for programmers is various security issues. It’s clear that the mobile app should be free from viruses and malware. Otherwise, it takes more time, money, and effort to address all these issues. The lack of proper security may cause manipulation and low-quality UI that leads to lots of issues. Reaching the highest security norms can be a tough task. If the mobile application is not secure, the complete efforts and money invested into building it will go in vain.

Compatibility with OS

In current times we have several popular operating systems. And one of the main challenges of programmers is to plan accordingly to make their mobile applications run on different operating systems. Programmers have to look across different platforms and make sure that the logic of the application remains unchanged. The thing is that absolutely each operating system comes with specific UI patterns and objects. Moreover, coders need to do bug-fixing across different operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android. When the final software product is easy to use and provides the end-users with the best experience, it will be successful in the market.

App Performance

It’s another crucially important aspect of mobile development. The thing is that building a well-performing app that can run with minimum battery consumption is another challenge for developers. Various images, caches, and visual effects can also influence the app performance.

Promotion of a Mobile App

It goes without saying that building an app is not enough to earn money on it. Marketing is a crucially important thing and this challenge should also be tackled successfully. Programmers can build a powerful, multi-featured, and well-performing app, but unfortunately, you won’t get the returns on investment if you don’t do marketing.

Let’s get down to the core marketing challenges:

  • How to promote an app in all app stores;
  • How to catch the users’ attention and make them install the app;
  • How to keep the targeted audience involved;
  • How to choose the right monetization strategy.

Overall, you can see that mobile app development is not always easy. Sometimes, it is complicated for programmers to keep up with it. However, by overcoming all these challenges, they will easily build an app that will meet the users’ requirements and bring income!

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