MVP Product vs Full Fledge e-Learning App Development

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Along with the time, the technologies are also improving day by day. That is why applications now play a very important part in our life. Recently there is the application for almost every task. The development companies spend millions of dollars in order to create a dynamic and feature-packed app, which will benefit users the most.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic is the time when apps like e-commerce, shopping, grocery and e-learning save uncountable lives. Specially e-learning application helps the educational institutions to continue their learning process with that much of efficiency.

That is why many start-ups like Byjus, Edureka and established organization like Google Classroom, Zoom Education, gained a huge amount of ROI by investing in E-learning app.

If you are a thing to start-up an e-learning business first you are going to need an app for your organization. And secondly, you will like to hire an education application development service that give less development to market ratio.

That mean, product will be launched in the market as soon as possible. For that usually, the app development companies can launch a minimum viable product or MVP in the market.

Now, these MVP products will become a full-fledged e-learning application through various updates and the implementation of innovative features through series of updates.

That is why the key to success for any e-learning app start-up is planned and gradual development.

To know more about the MVP and Full-fledged e-learning app, please continue the blog.

What is the MVP product of E-learning applications?

Frank Robinson is the 1st person who defined MVP in the year 2001. The Minimum Viable Product or MVP of an application is its scaled-backed version.

Which is launched for the public in order to check its market value and get feedback from the customers. The MVP of an application helps a development company to receive validation on the product viability concept.

Basically, an MVP of an e-leaning application is the useable form of a Full-fledge app with only basic designs and functionalities. Launching an MVP in the market is best for any e-learning start-ups companies.

These products can give enough data on how the application should be from the users who liked your application. Plus, you will be able to launch your application an ROI faster than a full feature-packed version of your application.

If you launch an MVP of your e-learning application, you will be able to review various aspects of your tutor app development process such as,

  • Product Assumptions
  • The demand for this type of application in the market
  • Present viability condition of the application in the market
  • Usability of the application.

You don’t have to worry about innovative features functionalities implementations. This is because once you launch an MVP of your e-learning application, all the user’s feedback is enough to know what is missing in your application.

So, it is focused on feedback and develop better full-fledged e-learning applications through various updates. Plus, you can get enough time to decide on further development procedures as well as the design for your final e-learning application.

What is a Full-fledge e-learning application?

A full-fledged e-learning application is a final product where all the features and functionalities are already implemented in the application. Developing these types of final product directly is not recommendable for any e-learning app development companies present in the market.

If you want to develop a full-fledged e-learning application and then launch it in the market then there are fewer chances to succeed. As you don’t know whether the users will like your application or not.

It can make your decrease the reputation and the brand value of your organization.  

Plus, in the case of full-fledged products, it can take more cost investment and time for implementing new features or change any feature. So gaining a full-fledged product from an MVP can be the safest and more reliable way to succeed in the case of an e-learning application.

What are the benefits of launching an MVP over a full-fledged e-learning app?

There are many benefits of creating an interactive model of the e-learning application and launch it in the market. This is because the MVP is interactive in nature and it contains a lot of space to implement new features and functionalities.

Here are some of the more benefits that an MVP can provide over a full-fledged version of any e-learning application.

  • Cost-effective development process

Developing and launching an MVP of your e-learning product can save you a lot of money in the long run. And it is not the same for full-fledged versions of e-learning applications.

Hiring a mobile app development company for changing the already finished e-learning software can be costly as well as time-consuming.

 Always remember the closer the application gets to the end product bigger will be the amount need to rectify the mistakes. So, you have to be sure whether to put the features or function in your e-learning app or not, and MVP is the only way to do so.

This is because you will only implement only those features which are wanted by the users.

  • User Interface validation

Creating an MVP can help you to understand whether your application’s user interface is affecting the performance or the users are able to understand and navigate through the application easily or not. If any issue is there you can rectify it by pushing various updates.

This is not possible in the case of full-fledged versions of e-learning apps. According to various research, it has been seen that 31% of the users abandon an application if they don’t like their user interface on first-time use.

  • Exploration of various new ideas and choose the process of making improvements

There is more space of implementing new and innovative idea and features in an MVP of eLearning app development. As the product will be created with basic features, functionalities and design, so developers can change it according to the public opinions.

This is not possible in the full-fledged version as it contains all the functions even the useless ones which not one care that it is present in the app or not.

Conclusion- Planning and developing a full-fledged e-learning application by applying various updates to the MVP of that app can be the best decision for the start-ups. As with this, you will never move in the wrong direction as you are given only those things that your users want in your application.

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