Learn How to Develop Android and iOS Apps With This Comprehensive Bundle

Program, design & build amazing apps for both Android and iOS with 71 hours of content on Java, React Native, Git, and more

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Mobile apps have drastically transformed how we function today. We can shop, pay bills, book doctor appointment, order medicines, and much more right from the comfort of your home. The features that come along with those apps garner interest among users.

Skilled programmers worldwide are constantly learning, building, and designing apps for users that they may find useful. If you want to step into app development, you can enroll in the app development course for Android and iOS and start developing apps.

What’s in the Bundle?

The 9-course bundle takes a deep dive into the toolkit and programming languages required for building apps from scratch. At first, you can develop a mobile prototype and do some market research to find out the target demography, location, platform preference, and more. Then, decide whether or not to dive into the world of iOS or Android (or both).

the complete mobile and app development bundle

The tutorials will guide you in — mastering the language, selecting the right application development tools, understand the application components, awareness of fragmentation, and choosing the proper dependencies. Let’s explore the bundle:

  1. iOS 14 and Swift 5 – The Complete App Development Course: It starts with the basics of Swift like if/else statement, variable, constants, type interfence, and its standard library. You’ll learn how to create storyboard designs, add constraints to the design, running a simulator on Mac, and more.
  2. Learn Android 11 from Scratch: The course goes extensive into the build automation tools and the integrated development environment like Android Studio. You’ll get to know about application components, user interactions, list and views, lifecycle, services, shared preference, data saving, and more. In the end, you’ll create a to-do list app and submit it to Play Store.
  3. Android App Development Course with Pie: Advanced course on app development with hands-on practice sessions. In the beginning, you’ll learn how to send data between screens, like from activity and fragment and vice-versa. Understand fragment and fragment operations, explore the architectural room, SQLite, and room databases, and more.
  4. Android Development – Practice Guide with Real World Apps: While there are plenty of courses that goes deep into app development, there are few projects for hands-on exercise. In here, you’ll develop ten apps from scratch with different difficulty levels.
  5. Learn Core Java and Improve Java Skills: You’ll learn about Java by doing seven projects. In addition, it’ll brush your Java concepts and familiarize you with all the concepts of object-oriented programming.
  6. Build Mobile Apps with React and Expo: React Native is a library to create mobile apps. At first, you’ll learn how to set up the desktop environment. Understand the basics of React, React-Native, and its libraries. Learn how to send an HTTP request, using the flexbox system, reusable components, API request states in React-Native, and more.
  7. Complete Git and Github Beginner to Expert: A comprehensive course on Git and Github. It’s probably the first course before starting app development.
  8. App Development with Flutter and Dart: A beginner course on developing mobile apps with Google Flutter. You’ll learn the basics of Dart programming language and then Flutter. In the end, there is a project on how to create a calculator app with Flutter.
  9. Learn React Native with Hands-On Practices: Dive deeper into React Native and use it to build iOS and Android apps.

Should You Buy this Bundle

Oak Academy has developed a comprehensive bundle touching on every aspect of app development. But remember, any app development is not complete without distribution and marketing. So here is a video on how to get started with your app business. The deal is available for only $45.

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