Klarna Acquires APPRL, Expands Reach to Global Consumers

Cavina T Morris

Retail bank, payment and shopping service Klarna announced its acquisition of SaaS platform APPRL, which affords ease within the workflow between content creators and retailers, as they work to bring shoppable content to global consumers. | Photo courtesy of Klarna

Klarna, a leading global retail bank, payments and shopping service, has announced the acquisition of APPRL, a SaaS platform that allows content creators and retailers to work together frictionlessly to bring immersive and informative shoppable content to global consumers.

Klarna continues to grow its roster of retailer marketing services—powering merchant growth with content that allows consumers to shop smarter through inspiration, reviews and more—while also expanding its suite of tools to engage with consumers.

“As social shopping becomes a core element of the retail experience, we believe Klarna’s position at the center of the shopping ecosystem is instrumental in connecting retailers to both consumers and content creators who resonate with their brand audiences,” said Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski. “By adding APPRL to Klarna’s existing retailer-support expertise, we see a huge opportunity to create an enriching and informative shopping experience for consumers everywhere while accelerating retailer growth.”

A Comparison Shopping Service, the AI-driven styling engine and content-creation platform, and HERO, a world leader in conversational commerce, are now part of Klarna’s retailer support. When put together, these platforms help consumers make informed purchases. APPRL’s role will allow retailers to directly connect with relevant content creators to create social shopping content and track campaign results through Klarna.

“We are incredibly excited to join Klarna on its impressive journey and bold mission ahead,” said APPRL CEO Martin Landén. “As retailers continue to embrace influencer marketing as their growth engine, with an increasing focus on ROI, data and automation, APPRL has been seeing an exponential increase in demand. With APPRL’s platform together with Klarna’s scale, incredible talent and portfolio of marketing services, we will be able to offer retailers an end-to-end influencer and performance-marketing solution they won’t be able to find anywhere else.”

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