How to Learn About Marketing: An Informative Guide

Digital marketing isn’t as easy as taking traditional marketing ideas and putting them on the internet. Now there are complex things to consider like SEO or search engine optimization. There are also little robots that scan the internet called spiders, and invisible checklists that decide if your posts get shown to people, that no one has the answer to.

So, if you’re asking how to learn about marketing, buckle up. Even previous traditional marketing professionals have a lot to learn. If you’re new to marketing altogether and are starting with digital marketing with this post — welcome, we’re glad you’re here.

Below are the top three things every digital marketer needs to understand to be successful.

How to Learn About Marketing: Start With These Building Blocks

Marketing isn’t just the knowledge of colors and coming up with catchy slogans anymore. Now it’s much more technical. To get anywhere in digital marketing you’ll need to understand …

1. The Difference Between Paid and Organic Traffic

There are a lot of posts on the internet, right? When you google something like “women’s shoes” there are billions of sites competing to be the first link on your page. The biggest players of those sites are paying for the opportunity to be on the first page, where you’ll look first for your results.

And if you click on one of those, that’s called paid traffic – you’re essentially clicking on an ad, even if it doesn’t look like one.

Organic traffic, on the other hand, is if you knew you wanted women’s shoes from Designers Shoe Warehouse and went straight to They didn’t pay for the chance to be on a webpage, you organically chose to visit their site.

There are courses out there that teach you about how to get people to click on your paid ads and how to increase organic traffic, on sites like Coursera.

2. Be Able to Create a Social Media Strategy

Long gone are the days where you can just post something you thought was cute on social media if you’re a brand (or an individual) trying to play the social media game.

Now there are complex algorithms and people whose full-time job is to figure them out. Those digital marketing professionals are who you want to turn to if you want any chance of succeeding in the social media space.

3. Photoshop and Editing Apps

Finally, while you can get through most situations in your personal life using Canva, a true digital marketing expert understands how to use Photoshop, at the very least.

Becoming a Digital Marketing Expert

So you want to know how to learn about marketing in the digital age? Start by browsing knowledge-based sites like ours and using them to find out which paid courses you’d like to take part in.

If you’re less DIY and in a time crunch, the best-case scenario is to pay someone to do your digital marketing for you.

We hope you liked this guide on how to learn about marketing and will see you next time!








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