Do You Have the Right Content Marketing for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey?

Are you nurturing your business website with relevant content or are you just asking your customers to browse?

Provide the wrong content and you drive away your audience and confuse them.

It’s important to check each piece of content to make sure that it is doing its job at each stage.

6 Stages of The Buyer’s Journey

Leasing or Buying

There are six stages you need to consider to attract more customers to your business. 

1. Awareness stage: Is your content helping people with their problems?

2. Interest stage: Is your strategy generating leads?

3. Consideration stage: Are you showing examples of your offer?

4. Intent stage: Is your customer interested in buying your product or service?

5. Evaluation stage: Are you informing that your offer is better than your competitors?

6. Purchase stage: Is your customer satisfied with his purchase?

A positive experience on the part of the buyers can lead to more referrals that fuel the top of the marketing funnel, and the process begins again.

Content Marketing Objectives: How to Attract Customers for Each Stage of the Buying Funnel

3 Marketing Principles

You need to set a goal for each piece of content.

Here are some goals that you can set for your content marketing strategy:

1. Acquisition: Attract new visitors
2. Activation: Turn visitors into subscribers
3. Education: Engage subscribers and keep them coming back
4. Revenue: Persuade visitors to make a purchase
5. Expansion: Encourage customers to upgrade
6. Referral: Delight customers and turn them into evangelists

Activation and acquisition are for the awareness stage, activation can also be used at the consideration stage.

Assigning goals to content lets you measure and improve them.

Content marketing enhances trust and brand image.

Providing compelling content on a regular basis that’s engaging, on-brand and subtly persuasive isn’t an easy task.

You have to test a variety of methods to find the perfect formula to reach a wider audience. 

Checklist to Start a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

5 New Content Marketing Strategies To Get Traffic And Email Subscribers

Content marketing keeps on evolving. 

Video is now the most used format in content marketing, overtaking blogs and infographics. 

Here are some of the skills you’ll need to start content marketing:

  • Planning, content creation & proofreading
  • Finding a unique yet professional voice
  • Understanding the latest marketing techniques
  • Producing videos, infographics and blogs
  • Primary and secondary research
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO and keywords
  • Industry insight and trusted sources
  • Knowing your audience and competitors


Content marketing has changed since its inception and it seems likely to change even faster in the next coming years thanks to the increased attention it’s being given by today’s digital marketers. 

You need to have a clear goal before starting, it doesn’t matter if you fail as long as you learn something along the way and aiming towards a clear objective.

Which step have you have tried and perfected? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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