Customer service has dropped in today’s climate in construction industry

Cavina T Morris

At most restaurants, if a mistake is made on a customer’s meal after the table has been served, the new dish in the kitchen is called Hot Food which means it is a priority and it goes to the front of the line. This customer service mentality puts the customer first, but more importantly, the business takes accountability for its mistake.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, customer service has dropped in most areas of consumer spending, but probably no worse than in the construction-related fields. Today for most companies, there are no Hot Food priorities, and, in some cases, customers are not eating at all.

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Finding any labor, especially skilled craftspeople, in the construction industry is very difficult, and the good ones are booked out for months. The problem in some scopes is there are true home emergencies that must be addressed immediately, like a busted water line, electrical and HVAC failures, as well as break-ins through windows and doors. The inability to get repair parts along with solidly booked schedules have many homeowners in a panic while searching for solutions during home emergencies.  

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