Chemical Mechanical Planarization Research: Clarkson University is leading the way in CMP

Cavina T Morris

From August 16 through 19, 2021, the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) will once again host the annual International Symposium on CMP.  The conference, organized with the support of the CMP Users Group of North America, is a well-established and highly anticipated conference for semiconductor companies globally as well as CMP consumable and CMP tool manufacturers.

CAMP has been facilitating successful industry-academic research collaborations in CMP throughout its long history.  Over two decades, Clarkson researchers have developed long-term relationships with leading companies in the CMP industry such as Ebara, IBM, Intel, GlobalFoundries, Micron and Ferro.  Clarkson’s leadership in the area has been boosted by the hiring of Profs. Jihoon Seo and Arzu Çolak as a cluster of new faculty experienced in CMP research and by CAMP faculty continuing to attract an impressive list of new industrial collaborators in the CMP area.

Furthermore, Clarkson CMP researchers are expanding into new areas beyond the historical strength of CMP slurry development, CMP of dielectric materials, and process optimization. In order to satisfy increasing technological demands for smaller and faster devices and a regulatory push for innovative environmentally sound processes, Clarkson faculty is committed to developing technology that address environmental health and safety concerns of the industry. 

That puts Clarkson CMP research at a new crossroads where a new constellation of expertise, facility upgrades and a commitment to a greener future of the planet form the basis of an energetic and vigorous research agenda.

The CMP Symposium will be a virtual conference this year due to the lingering limitations of the pandemic.  Although there is nothing that can compete with the possibilities that come from in-person interactions, this as a great opportunity to make the conference accessible to all who are interested in CMP around the globe. And once more, attendees and participants will confirm to the world that CMP is a vibrant and growing field with many opportunities to make a difference for manufacturers and consumers alike.  

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