6 Ways to Crack Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

Cavina T Morris

When it comes to SaaS marketing, it has its own playbook. 

Digital selling plays a huge part as prospects research and buy largely online. While having a good website, traffic from search engines, email campaigns and social media are essential, marketers need to focus on the following 6 areas from a content perspective that SaaS marketers need to focus upon to garner better marketing ROI. 

1. Tailor-Make Your Marketing Strategy For Your SaaS Product

Identify the problems that your solution will specifically address and create content that educates them, proposes methods through which they can address their problems with your solution. In addition to it, assess your competition, define your ideal customer profile clearly and establish your positioning. Define the technology buying lifecycle for your prospects, and map marketing activity against key moments. Key metrics to track for marketing success include cost of customer acquisition and life time value of customer.

2. Optimize Your Website Conversion Rate Regularly

You need to clearly define what you want prospects to do as a result of visiting your site- book a demo, download a free trial etc. Experiment with the content on each website page, and observe what format is generating better engagement and optimise your website accordingly. 


3. Build Thought Leadership

Positioning your organisation as a thought leader to your target audience can be a key differentiator for you. Focus on creating content that can add value such as trend reports, research papers, frameworks among others that can help position your brand as an expert in this field. Thought leadership cannot be built overnight. Hence it’s important that marketers create a regular schedule of content to publish, and vary the formats to target prospects at multiple points in the buying cycle.

4. Focus On The Business Benefits

Focus on addressing the key question your prospect will have before they buy your solution- ‘what’s in it for me?’. What are the benefits of your software to their business? What value does it offer? What cost saving or increased revenue opportunities it offers? 


5. Nurture Them Right

The sales cycle for SaaS products can be longer. Prospects may visit your website multiple times before they sign up for your service. Hence your site needs to have a lot of engaging content, from case studies and white papers to videos and trend reports that demonstrates your connection with your marketplace. Have a quality prospect database, send them regular emails with free information and special offers that add value.

6. Market To Your Existing Customers

Your existing customers will be due for renewal once their subscription expires, hence its important to keep them regularly updated about product enhancements, new product launches and help them maximise the value from the solution. A regular monthly newsletter capturing insightful content, product updates, testimonials, offers etc should be used.

Working with a specialist content marketing partner who can help demonstrate thought leadership effectively can be the key differentiator for marketers. 

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